About Us

At Better Than That!, We take great care in presenting our items in complete, clear and honest terms. We allow physical inspections (whenever possible) of the merchandise to be sold prior to and during the online auctions. Our online auctions are timed events, which are conducted over a 9-day bidding period to allow the maximum exposure for the merchandise. We have now opened a new LIVE! auction house at 1370 US Hwy 80 East, Suite C in Pooler GA 31322.

We strongly believe that we can bring the best service available to our buyers and sellers through strong advertising, national internet exposure and by creating a solid reputation of excellence and trust. We can help you settle an estate, liquidate your business or downsize for a move. We can take large or small consignments, from entire estates down to a single item. We will turn your assets into instant cash! Our name is a constant reminder of how we treat each business transaction with the utmost in professionalism and integrity. We are Better Than That! We will help you determine if your item(s) should be sold online or at a live auction.

Once an item is won in our online auction, you may choose to pick it up at our facility at no additional cost to you. Or, you may select our local delivery (subject to delivery fees) or have the item(s) packaged and shipped by our experienced shipping staff.

As owner and auctioneer, I, Franklin D. “Doug” Jarman, Jr. (GAL AU03666) bring over 10 years of auction and internet sales experience. I have sold thousands of items and shipped them all over the world through a variety of delivery services. Having spent 20 years in the shipping industry, I am an expert in package preparation and will insure the safe delivery of your items. Accompanied by my sons, Zack and Aaron, we are all committed to the needs of our clients. By opening up the auction to a worldwide audience and by providing experienced shipping service, we believe we can truly bridge the gap between buyers and sellers and create a satisfying experience for both. We truly believe we are Better Than That!


What services do you provide?

At Better Than That! Auctions, we are a full service auction company. We can help you liquidate an entire estate, close-out business inventory, sell your personal collections or help to sell your single item. We have a live auction house and provide expert online selling service.

Estate Liquidations

We can help you sell items to settle an estate of a deceased person as well as help you sell a “living” estate. This could mean selling items in order to downsize or relocate. We will work with you to determine if it is in your best interest to conduct your sale on- site or to haul your items to our location. We can help you decide if your items will sell better on-site or online. We can help you get the best results possible through advertising and exposing your items to the right market. We will work with you in order to achieve the best results possible for your sale.

Business Close-outs

We can help you liquidate or downsize your business either on-site or online. We will make the best determination on the right market to present your items with maximum exposure to potential bidders. We can connect sellers with buyers of your products to achieve the best possible means of clearing or reducing your inventory.

Personal Collections or Single Item Consignments

We can help you get the most from your personal collection or single item. Our online auctions include the ability to add keywords which will expose your items to various search engines. This will create maximum national or international exposure. We will combine small collections and single items so that they are grouped with other interesting and desirable merchandise in order to get the best results for all parties. We will host onsite previews at our location so that potential bidders can inspect these items before bidding. In some cases, we will include shipping services so that the number of potential bidders is maximized and includes bidders from other areas.